How to Stop Time from Killing Your Deal
The fact of the matter is, the longer it takes for a prospect to come to a decision, the more likely it is that the deal will never actually close. To help you overcome this obstacle, here are two techniques you can build into your presentation to prevent time from killing your deals.
A Guide to Education Based Selling
There are tons of sales tactics. For some, it's a hard sale approach while others may opt for a soft sale approach. Some will be more consultative while others may be more assumptive. While, all of these strategies have merit, some of the most successful sales people in the world subscribe to a different method, one that makes them feel like they’re not actually selling an
A 3-Step Plan to Sales Pipeline Management
A sales pipeline is a visual representation of prospects, where they are in the purchasing process and what they need to make a purchasing decision. On top of organizing your portfolio, pipelines can help you create strategies to better convert prospects and forecast sales. If you're not currently using a pipeline, here is a 3-step plan to get one started.