Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Career in Merchant Services
A career in merchant services can be both financially lucrative and personally rewarding while allowing you to customize it to your own specific personality and strengths. Click the link for 3 more reasons why a career in this industry could be the right fit for you.
Sundance Welcomes Sales Director, Erik Martinez
Sundance Payment Solutions is pleased to announce Erik Martinez will be joining the Sundance leadership team as Sales Director. In this role, Martinez will lead a network of Sundance sales partners to help them achieve success in their careers. His addition to the team is one of many moves Sundance is making to provide the best experience possible to independent sales agents.
4 Tips on Generating Stronger Leads Faster
If you want to be successful in a sales career, developing a talent for generating quality leads is essential. The better your leads, the better your chances of making the sale. We want you to be as successful as possible, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to take your lead generation efforts to the next level.